UPDATES as of November 20th, 2018

Fall is a busy time of year with litters being born, breeding for spring litters and getting ready for winter with extra hay or shavings in huts for warmth and heat lamps for little ones as well as a whole host of other chores. Yes our pigs are spoiled and pampered to the core! We wouldn’t have it any other way and that is why they are HAPPY HEREFORD HOGS.

Our first fall litter was on October 11, 2018 with the parents being CoCo and Okie. She had a total of 8 piglets, 5 males and 3 females. All have been spoken for except for one female as of this date.

Our second litter was on November 17, 2018 with parents being Duchess and Okie. She had a total of 4 piglets, 3 males and 1 female. None have been spoken for as of this date. We will leave the largest one or two males intact as boars to be sold as breeders.

One of the gilts we sold in the spring went on to the State Fair in Little Rock, Arkansas and won Grand Champion in the Market Division Hereford Class and Grand Champion Purebred Division Hereford Class. Her name is Sadie. We bought her back and she is currently bred with Okie and will have early March piglets from her. Another gilt was sold to a 10 year old girl in Louisiana. She won Grand Champion at a county fair and was used by her owner to win 2nd place in Showmanship with only a 10th grader beating her. CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE WINNERS. Pictures will be coming soon on the WINNERS page.

Penny and Daisy are both bred with Okie and expecting piglets from them early February and mid March.

We Artificially Inseminated CoCo with Taco Truck semen from Shaffer’s Gold Rush in Indiana. We are expecting piglets from her in mid March.

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