UPDATES as of November 18, 2019

This spring we sold a gilt to a girl in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She won 1st Place in Purebred Division in her class, 3rd overall, 1st in class in Showmanship and 2nd overall Showmanship. We sold another gilt to a young man in Perry County, Arkansas. He won First Place in Purebred Division, and 2nd in Market Division. We sold another gilt to a girl in Clay County, Arkansas. She won 1st Place and Grand Champion in Purebred Division. We had a total of 4 gilts sold from our farm that went onto the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock. We are very proud of these young farmers and Congratulations to all of you. Pictures will be coming soon to the Winners page.

We have 3 new litters on the ground right now. Penny was bred with our boar Rosco. She had a total of 14 born and 10 alive. CoCo was artificially inseminated with War Cry semen from Shaffer’s Goldrush in Indiana. She had a total of 5 born and 3 alive. Daisy was bred with our boar Rosco. She had a total of 12 born and 12 alive. We had a few that were either stepped on, layed upon, or just simply did not make it. At current count we still have 19. There are a total of 7 females and 12 males. All females have been spoken for with deposits. There are 3 boars and 4 barrows not spoken for so far.

CoCo will be retired after this litter. She had a hard time farrowing. She will be 4 years old in January and weighed 720 pounds after farrowing. She had a total of 5 litters with 46 born and 43 alive. She has been an absolute joy to raise and have on the farm. We will be keeping one of her gilts as a replacement. She will have piglets a year from now.

We kept one of Penny’s spring gilts, Lucy. We showed her at the South Logan County Fair. Our plan is to Artificial Inseminate her this month for spring piglets. Daisy and Penny will both be bred this month. Hopefully all 3 litters will be born in March.

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