UPDATES as of April 8, 2020 

Rain, rain, rain, please go away and come back in July and August when we will really need it.  We hope and pray that everyone is staying safe and healthy.  It has been a little while for an update and everyone who visits our webpage deserves to know how things are going.  We bought a new boar in December of 2019.  His name is Chalupa.  His sire was Taco Truck, who also has a son named Taco Supreme.  Taco Truck is no longer living.  You can see pictures of these two at shaffergoldrush.com.  Chalupa was born in August and we have never had a pig on our farm that looks like him.  We are very pleased.  He is very broad in the shoulders and wide in the hips with huge hams.  We believe he will be a game changer in a good way for our farm. Pictures of Chalupa will be added to our Breeders page in the very near future.  We have had lots of compliments on our pigs at the farm, with several winners at the County and State fairs.    

We kept one of Coco’s piglets from the October 2019 litter as a replacement.  Her name is Ayita.  The name Ayita is Native American meaning First to Dance and is pronounced aa-YIY-Taa-.  Her sire was War Cry from Shaffer’s Goldrush.  We plan on breeding her in May or June for fall piglets.

Now onto our spring piglets.  Daisy was Artificially Inseminated with Taco Supreme semen from Shaffer’s Goldrush.  She gave birth to a total of five piglets with four alive on March 24.  There is one female and three males.  All have been spoken for.  Penny was bred with our boar Chalupa.  She is due May 26.  It is later in the spring than we usually like to have piglets, but we are needing that second litter.  

Lucy has had some trouble coming back into heat.  We will try her one more time in May or June.  

Okie and Rosco are both for sale.  Okie is 2 years 7 months old and Rosco is his son and is 1 year 4 months old.  

We bought a vertical mixer this year.  Just recently, we were able to start using it after putting new bearings on the auger and new seals everywhere to keep the dust from getting out.  We are very pleased with it and it cuts some of our labor in half.  We have plans of adding some additional equipment so we can do even more mixing of our feed at home to further reduce our cost each month.

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