Richard Bartlett, Ft. Smith

I grew up eating homegrown pork raised by my grandparents and can testify as to how much better it tastes than the products of large Factory farms. I purchased 2 pigs from Johnson's Triple H Farm this past year and can guarantee they provide a great tasting quality product. The pigs are not fed animal by-products or growth hormones, are very well treated, and grow up with plenty of space in humane conditions. I like the fact that you can reserve a feeder piglet (or half a piglet) and they will raise it to Market weight and have it processed for you. Daniel, the owner, is very accommodating and is a true example of an ethical Humane Heritage- breed farmer. Highly recommended.  

Johnson's Triple H Farm

(479) 675-6650
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6364 N. State Hwy 23
Booneville, AR 72927

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